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Please note that NuVet Plus supplements are required as part of your pet’s Health



NuVet Plus supplements are required as part of your pet’s Health Guarantee.  It is the best nutritional supplement that I have ever seen.


More than 300,000 dogs and cats are using NuVet Plus to protect against many ailments (commonly originating from backyard pesticides, pet food allergies and hormones, toxins on the carpet brought in on everyone’s shoes, bacteria transmitted from dogs parks and the vet’s office, etc.), while maintaining beautiful skin and coat.  Veterinarians are reporting that over 25% of their business is coming from animals with allergies & skin disease.  NuVet will help prevent this!


This is not just a vitamin.  It’s an immune system builder with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high-potency antioxidants.  It is guaranteed to work through all stages of a dog’s life.


             For puppies - It fills the immunity gap all puppies experience. Shortly after birth maternal antibody effectiveness is greatly reduced. By 8 weeks your puppy’s immune system is at a vulnerable point. Once in their new home, the immune system is weekend by the stress of adoption and exposure to novel bacteria and viruses in their environment.  This is also when the vaccine series is started. Vaccines are only effective if the immune system can respond properly.  Starting NuVet Plus now is important to helping your puppy growth into a healthy adult.


             For dogs in their prime - it improves the luster of their skin and coat while protecting against allergies, skin and coat problems, staining from tears, digestive problems, etc.


             For older dogs - it helps protect against, tumors, premature aging, cataracts, heart conditions, diabetes and many types of cancer, while extending the life and improving the vitality of many dogs.


NuVet Plus will keep your pet on the path to perfect health!  It’s not available in stores and is only available to the general public with an order code from an authorized pet professional.


For your convenience, you may order directly from the manufacturer (at up to 50% off what many vets charge for the very same product) by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order Code:  51411 or going online to  You can receive an additional 15% discount by taking advantage of their autoship program.


To the long life and health of your puppy!


Victoria Lorentz

Double D Frenchies

(732) 803-1405


NuVet Labs products are not sold in stores.  Customers outside the U.S. must place order by phone only.

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